Developer Preview FAQ

What is Griptape Cloud?

Griptape Cloud is a managed web service that you can use to deploy and run AI-enabled python applications. You can write conversational agents, sequential pipelines, or complex workflows using the griptape framework, and then simply upload them to Griptape Cloud when you are ready to test and publish them; we’ll take care of provisioning and managing the underlying infrastructure.

How do I access Griptape Cloud?

Griptape Cloud is currently in a developer preview phase intended for development and testing evaluation purposes. If you're interested in trying it out and providing feedback, please apply for early access. We have begun sending invitations to a limited number of users, and would love to hear more about your intended use case and needs. We appreciate your patience as we expand the program.

If you have already received an invitation:

  1. Check your email for a message from containing your temporary Griptape Cloud login credentials.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in with the credentials provided in your invitation email, or Sign in with Google using the same email at which you received the invitation.

What can I expect during this preview phase?

Over the coming weeks, you can expect a lot of new features, some bugs, and maybe a few breaking changes. We may also reach out to you for feedback about your experience, or to ask you to try out certain features.

What do you expect from me, as a preview user?

We want your feedback! Our goal for this developer preview phase is to learn as much as we can about customers’ use cases, needs, and pain points to inform our continued development of Griptape Cloud.

What versions of griptape are supported?

Griptape Cloud supports griptape versions 0.21.1 and higher.

Are there limits? How many Griptape Cloud apps can I create and run?

During the preview phase you can have up to 10 apps at a time, and each app can have up to 10 concurrently active runs. Each deployment is limited to 10MB in size.

Will you be charging money for Griptape Cloud?

During this preview phase, you can use Griptape Cloud free of charge.

How do I provide feedback or request technical assistance?

When you are signed in to Griptape Cloud in a browser, click the circular pink Intercom button at the lower right corner of the screen, and then send us a message. We look forward to your feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestions. We’d also be happy to help you troubleshoot problems.