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Login to Griptape Cloud (Developer Preview)

Click the link from your Griptape Cloud invitation email or navigate directly to the Griptape Cloud Developer Preview console.

Auth Dialog

Welcome to Griptape Cloud

When you first login to Griptape Cloud, you'll land on a Getting Started page that describes the basic steps in the first run experience.

For the purposes of this quick start, we're going to start by creating an API Key.

Landing Page

Create Your API Key

Griptape's CLI and API use API Keys for authentication. In the left hand navigation bar, click on API Keys.

Click the + Create API Key button on the top left of the API Key page. A dialog box will appear. Name your API Key something appropriate and click Create New Key to continue.

Create API Key


You will be prompted to safely store your API Key. Make sure to do this as you can not view it again once you dismiss the dialog.

Next Steps

Now that you have an API Key, you can follow either getting started path to create your first app. If you want to work locally, you can follow the Getting Started using CLI tutorial. If you'd rather stay in the browser and start with a sample project, you can follow the Getting Started using Samples tutorial.