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This tool allows LLMs to generate images using outpainting, where an input image is altered outside of the area specified by a mask image according to a prompt. The input and mask images can be provided either by their file path or by their Task Memory references.

from griptape.structures import Agent
from griptape.engines import OutpaintingImageGenerationEngine
from griptape.drivers import AmazonBedrockImageGenerationDriver, \
from import OutpaintingImageGenerationClient

# Create a driver configured to use Stable Diffusion via Bedrock.
driver = AmazonBedrockImageGenerationDriver(

# Create an engine configured to use the driver.
engine = OutpaintingImageGenerationEngine(

# Create a tool configured to use the engine.
tool = OutpaintingImageGenerationClient(

# Create an agent and provide the tool to it.
Agent(tools=[tool]).run("Generate an image of a mountain shrouded by clouds by outpainting the "
                        "image at tests/resources/mountain.png using the mask at tests/resources/mountain-mask.png.")