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Griptape Docs

Welcome to Griptape Docs! This documentation is organized into the following sections:

Griptape Topic Guides

Griptape Topic Guides discuss key topics at a high level and provide useful background information and explanation.

Griptape Cloud

Griptape Cloud provides an overview of the APIs available in the managed cloud service.

Griptape Framework

Griptape Framework provides an overview of the key topics within Griptape, and how you can get started building agents.

Griptape Tools

Griptape Tools provides and overview of the tools available within Griptape, and how you can use them to extend the capability of LLMs.

Griptape Recipes

Griptape Recipes are ready-to-go examples built around common use-cases like data retrieval and more. They are more advanced than Griptape Trade School, and require some understanding of how Griptape works.

Griptape Reference Guide

Griptape Reference Guide contains low level technical reference of Griptape's APIs.

Griptape Trade School

Griptape Trade School takes you through the steps of building a variety of projects with Griptape. Start here if you are new to Griptape or programming.