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Thank you for considering contributing to Griptape documentation! Before you start, please read the following guidelines.

Submitting Issues

If you have identified a documentation issue, want to propose new documentation, or have a question, please submit an issue through our public issue tracker. Before submitting a new issue, please check the existing issues to ensure it hasn't been reported or discussed before.

Submitting Pull Requests

We welcome and encourage pull requests. To streamline the process, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Existing Issues: Please submit pull requests only for existing issues. If you want to add new documentation or fix a documentation issue that hasn't been addressed yet, please first submit an issue. This allows the Griptape team to internally process the request and provide a public response.

  2. Branch: Submit all pull requests to the dev branch. This helps us manage changes and integrate them smoothly.

Getting Started

Griptape docs are built using MkDocs. Dependencies are managed using Poetry.

To contribute to Griptape docs, install the docs extra with:

poetry install --with docs

Then serve the documentation locally with:

poetry run mkdocs serve

You should see something similar to the following:

INFO     -  Building documentation...
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
INFO     -  Documentation built in 0.19 seconds
INFO     -  [09:28:33] Watching paths for changes: 'docs', 'mkdocs.yml'
INFO     -  [09:28:33] Serving on
INFO     -  [09:28:37] Browser connected: