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Building Custom Tools


Building your own tools is easy with Griptape!

To start, create a directory for your tool inside your project. All tool directories should have the following components:

  • manifest.yml with a YAML manifest.
  • file with a tool Python class.
  • requirements.txt file with tool Python dependencies.

Let's build a simple random number generator tool! First, create a new directory for your tool rng_tool. This is where all tool files will go.

Tool Manifest

Tool YAML manifests are for humans and downstream systems, like ChatGPT Plugins, to generate manifests of their own. Create a manifest.yml file in the rng_tool directory:

version: "v1"
name: Random Number Generator
description: Tool for generating random numbers.

Tool Dependencies

To add Python dependencies for your tool, add a requirements.txt file. The tool we are building is pretty simple, so you can leave that file empty.

Tool Implementation

Next, create a file with the following code:

import random
from griptape.artifacts import TextArtifact
from import BaseTool
from griptape.utils.decorators import activity
from schema import Schema, Literal, Optional

class RandomNumberGenerator(BaseTool):
            "description": "Can be used to generate random numbers",
            "schema": Schema({
                    description="Number of decimals to round the random number to"
                )): int
    def generate(self, params: dict) -> TextArtifact:
        return TextArtifact(
            str(round(random.random(), params["values"].get("decimals")))

Testing Custom Tools

Finally, let's test our tool:

from griptape.structures import Agent
from rng_tool.tool import RandomNumberGenerator

rng_tool = RandomNumberGenerator()

agent = Agent(
    "generate a random number rounded to 5 decimal places"

That's it! You can start using this tool with any converter or directly via Griptape.

Check out other Griptape Tools to learn more about tool implementation details.