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This tool enables LLMs to get current date and time.

from griptape.structures import Agent
from import DateTime

# Create an agent with the DateTime tool
agent = Agent(

# Fetch the current date and time{
    "description": "What is the current date and time?"
[09/11/23 15:26:02] INFO     Task d0bf49dacd8849e695494578a333f6cc              
                             Input: {'description': 'What is the current date   
                             and time?'}                                        
[09/11/23 15:26:06] INFO     Subtask 1c6c8d43926d4eff81992886301d5655           
                             Thought: The user wants to know the current date   
                             and time. I can use the DateTime tool with the     
                             get_current_datetime activity to find this         

                             Action: {"name": "DateTime",       
                             "path": "get_current_datetime"}                
                    INFO     Subtask 1c6c8d43926d4eff81992886301d5655           
                             Response: 2023-09-11 15:26:06.767997            
[09/11/23 15:26:08] INFO     Task d0bf49dacd8849e695494578a333f6cc              
                             Output: The current date and time is September 11, 
                             2023, 15:26:06.