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The GoogleDocsClient tool provides a way to interact with the Google Docs API. It can be used to create new documents, save content to existing documents, and more.

import os
from griptape.structures import Agent
from import GoogleDocsClient

# Create the GoogleDocsClient tool
google_docs_tool = GoogleDocsClient(
        "type": os.environ["GOOGLE_ACCOUNT_TYPE"],
        "project_id": os.environ["GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID"],
        "private_key_id": os.environ["GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY_ID"],
        "private_key": os.environ["GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY"],
        "client_email": os.environ["GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL"],
        "client_id": os.environ["GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID"],
        "auth_uri": "",
        "token_uri": "",
        "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "",
        "client_x509_cert_url": os.environ["GOOGLE_CERT_URL"]

# Set up an agent using the GoogleDocsClient tool
agent = Agent(

# Task: Create a new Google Doc and save content to it
    "Create doc with name 'test_creation' in test folder with content 'Hey, Tony.",
[10/05/23 12:56:19] INFO     ToolkitTask 90721b7478a74618a63d852d35be3b18       
                             Input: Create doc with name 'test_creation' in     
                             test folder with content 'Hey, Tony.'             
[10/05/23 12:56:28] INFO     Subtask 042b7050755f43578bba2c315d124fcb           
                             Thought: The user wants to create a Google Doc     
                             named 'test_creation' in a folder named 'test'    
                             with the content 'Hey, Tony.'. I can use the       
                             'save_content_to_google_doc' activity of the       
                             GoogleDocsClient tool to achieve this.             

                             Action: {"name":                   
                             "GoogleDocsClient", "path":                    
                             "save_content_to_google_doc", "input": {"values":  
                             {"file_path": "test_creation", "content": "Hey,    
                             Tony.", "folder_path": "test"}}}                  
[10/05/23 12:56:31] INFO     Subtask 042b7050755f43578bba2c315d124fcb           
                             Response: Content has been successfully saved to
                             Google Doc with ID:                                
[10/05/23 12:56:38] INFO     ToolkitTask 90721b7478a74618a63d852d35be3b18       
                             Output: The document 'test_creation' has been      
                             successfully created in the 'test' folder with the
                             content 'Hey, Tony.'. The Google Doc ID is