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Griptape Cloud

Griptape Cloud is a managed platform for running AI-powered agents, pipelines, and workflows.

Griptape Cloud is currently in Developer Preview

Griptape Cloud is in Developer Preview. For access, please apply for early access here.

Run apps, not infrastructure.

Deploy and run your AI-powered apps on our fully-managed SaaS platform. Simply log in to the web console and click “Create New App.” Next, upload a .zip file containing your app, or start with one of our sample templates.

Let us handle the heavy lifting from there. We will create your container image, install dependencies, and configure a secure serverless runtime. Your app will be deployed and ready to run within a minute.

Quickly test, update, and publish your apps.

Once you are ready to test your app, you can run it directly from our web console. A familiar chat-like interface makes it a snap to provide input prompts and view the LLM’s responses. Chain-of-thought (CoT) and activity logs are right there to help you debug, analyze, and optimize your app’s performance.

Our built-in code editor lets you make updates without switching screens, and you can redeploy a new version in two clicks. Deployment updates are ready to run within seconds.

Persist apps and sessions in the cloud. Keep data off prompt.

Griptape Cloud automatically stores your resources and application state whenever you create, update, or run an app. Detailed records of every run, including full conversation history, are stored as ‘session’ resources for your application to query and access as needed. You can create multiple sessions to support various scenarios, such as maintaining separate conversations for each end user, or testing new deployments against older ones.

Combined with the Griptape framework’s support for tools, drivers, and memory – including in-memory vector stores – this means you can forget about problems like feeding an LLM too much information, overflowing its context window, or exceeding prompt token limits. Your data stays off prompt by default, giving you more control over model precision, latency, cost, and data privacy and security.

Operate at scale using CLI, SDK, or web console.

Griptape Cloud provides RESTful APIs and a secure HTTPS endpoint so that you can easily operate, manage, and observe your Griptape apps. Developers can use our SDK to integrate with existing back-end systems/APIs and front-end user interfaces.

Service owners can use the web console to monitor usage of compute resources and LLM tokens and set scaling limits to manage operating costs and meet workload requirements.

Bring your own self-hosted environment, if you prefer.

Rather host Griptape Cloud apps in your own private environment? Reach out and we can help you build a custom solution using the same Griptape Cloud APIs and client tools while retaining control over factors such as network, compute infrastructure, data governance, and hosting provider - whether that’s AWS, Azure, Snowflake, or on-premises.